Timothy Comolli

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  • South Burlington High School


  • SIGGRAPH 2002

    Timothy Comolli has been teaching at South Burlington High School in Vermont for 35 years. He came from a background in radio and television (he was the nation’s youngest disc jockey in 1957) to teach Advertising, Video Production and Electronic Arts in the 90’s. Because he was an English teacher by training, Tim’s friends and colleagues find it hard to believe that he runs one of the best high school computer graphics facilities in New England. Technology and Learning Magazine and The Learning Company have named him National Technology Teacher of the Year. The Vermont State Legislature recently passed a resolution commending him for initiating the South Burlington Imaging Lab.

    Tim has been awarded numerous other honors including: The Bill Gates “The Road Ahead” grant winner (1996), University of Vermont “Teacher of the Year” (1997), Who’s Who Among Teachers (1997), The Henderson Foundation Grants winner (1999) and many others. Tim travels the country speaking to many technology conferences. You may reach him at Tim@sburl.k12.vt.us. He has presented at SIGGRAPH 96 and was on a panel at SIGGRAPH 97. His students have achieved recognition and brought money and equipment into the “Imaging Lab.” You can probably get the best pictures of the students work off their web page: http://www.sburl.k12.vt.us.

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