Darlene Wolfe

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  • Dr. Phillips High School

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  • River Ridge High School


  • SIGGRAPH 2002

    Dr. Darlene Wolfe, [moderator] is the Television Production teacher at Dr. Phillips High School’s Visual and Performing Arts School and has won two consecutive awards for connecting learning to earning. She was also a 2000 recipient of the Disney Teacherrific Awards.

    Wolfe serves as a Valencia Community College [VCC] dual enrollment instructor with classes held at Florida’s Orange County’s (OCPS) “A”-rated Dr. Phillips High School TV studio and classrooms. She piloted the “2nd Unit” program with the Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA). Traffic Productions is currently mentoring both 2nd Unit and M.E.D.I.A. (Mentoring Entrepreneurship by Direct Involvement in Activities) in a script-to-screen approach to a short film. In 20 years of teaching in Florida, Darlene has taught many subjects but gravitated to TV production due to the power of communication and electronic media in our society. She served on a SIGGRAPH panel in 1997 and has worked on SIGkids and Community Outreach at SIGGRAPH 1998. She has been fortunate enough to receive two SIGGRAPH Educators grants.

    According to Wolfe, “Dr. Phillips High School is indebted to AIST and SCALA for their continued support and business partnership with our students. They have been most gracious and our students are learning on Iplay Studio, Info Channel Designer, Movie Pack, the earlier Media Mania, and now Movie 3-D. With these donated programs and the educationally priced LightWave 7.0 Educational Labpack, our students are able to learn with our mentors, as well as on their own.”

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