Roger Cotton

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  • The DAVE School


  • SIGGRAPH 2002

    Roger Cotton is a professional 3D-character animator and instructor in San Diego, California. He graduated from the University of California at Los Angeles with a Bachelor degree in Theatre. He later attended the Musical Theatre M.F.A. Program at San Diego State University, studying concurrently at the Lehman Engal Musical Theatre Writing Workshop in Hollywood. Cotton worked as a multimedia content designer for five years before starting his 3D-animation career at Vision Scape Imaging, a 3D-production studio. He left to become a freelancer and was later appointed the Director of Multimedia at Platt College San Diego. There, he implemented and taught a twenty-week LightWave 3D training program. Cotton has created 3D art elements for various online game companies. He is currently a visiting professor, teaching 3D animation production at the DAVE School at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and consulting with nearby schools.

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