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  • SIGGRAPH 2001

    Steve DiPaola has been involved with the cutting edge of the interactive fields of 3D animation and Web-based design since 1984, when he was a senior member of the Computer Animation Research Group at the New York Institute of Technology. At NYIT he conducted research and development in 3D character and facial animation, and produced animation for film, television, and fine art projects. He worked for advertising giant Saatchi and Saatchi, where he founded and co-ran its independent innovation arm, Darwin Digital, in San Francisco. As creative director, he explored state-of-the-art media and interactive projects for major accounts such as Hewlett-Packard and Macromedia.

    DiPaola was director of development and design at the OnLive Group of, where he led a team of artists, architects, user-interface designers, and musicians in designing and developing 3D voice-based avatars and virtual worlds for such clients as NEC, MTV, ABC, and Universal Studios. Previously, he was at the Advanced Technology Group of Electronic Arts. He directed a group that spearheaded development of advanced techniques in CD-ROM-based interactivity. Considered a pioneer in alternative user interface design, he has spoken at major conferences such as Internet World, SIGGRAPH, SIGCHI, and The Institute for the Future. At these conferences, he has delivered presentations and published papers on interactive characters, advanced Internet design, collaborative virtual environments, and the future of identity. He is currently Vice President of Creative Development at Muse Communications, which is creating a next-generation, broadband platform that integrates multiple technologies such as HTML, rich media, 3D graphics, and multi-user community into a unified, synergistic environment.

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