“Designing Experience: Modeling On-Line Collaborative Learning in Art & Design” by DiPaolo, Kozel, Mansell and Wakkary

  • ©Steve DiPaolo, Susan Kozel, Alice Mansell, and Ron Wakkary




    Designing Experience: Modeling On-Line Collaborative Learning in Art & Design




    How do we involve the learner in the individualization and co-construction of the digital learning environment? There is an explicit relationship between building experience and interaction in participatory learning. In this panel, presenters with diverse backgrounds in the art and design field explore new trends in designing experience-based models for learning online. The focus of the panel is the design of learning environments for the new virtual classroom.

    Innovations in online learning involve moving beyond a simple desire to make the education process more effective by incorporating networked systems into instruction; they are based on a deeper understanding of the collaborative learning process in a connected environment. Experience- and studio-based methodologies engage visual, aural, and physical activities and practice, and are drawn into online learning environments.


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