Richard Hollander

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  • SIGGRAPH 1993

    Richard Hollander’s background mixes art and science, after studying design at Cal Arts he graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at University of California at Berkeley. A pioneer in the fields of computer graphics and motion control he was the Technical Director for the landmark animation Panasonic Glider at Robert Abel and Assoc and designed !the motion control system at Doug Trumbel’s studio EEG for Star Trek the Motion Picture, Blade Runner and Brainstorm. Founder and partner of VIFX Inc, he continues to work in effects with work most recently on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Nightmare on Elm Street 6, Aliens 3, Patriot Games, Terminator 2, Ghost in the Machine and Cliffhanger. Video Image broke new ground utilizing new behavioral animation to create Batman Returns.

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