“The Reality of Computer Graphics in the Motion Picture Industry” Moderated by Richard Hollander and Michael Wahrman

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    The Reality of Computer Graphics in the Motion Picture Industry



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    This panel addresses the state of computer generated imagery in the film industry as it exists today. It is five years since the release of Tron and the use of computer generated effects in the motion picture industry is still quite limited. Many of the people in the field of computer graphics believe that Hollywood is moving inexorably in the direction of computer generated imagery for special effects and animation, but in the industry itself there is no such perception. In fact, one occasionally hears computer graphics described as “cold, expensive, overrated and of no particular interest to the movie-going audience’.’ This panel discusses the attitudes of the Hollywood entertainment creative and decision-making community towards computer graphics, animation and special effects. Questions to be discussed include:
    • Who uses computer graphics today?
    • Why they don’t use more of it?
    • Why is the perception that there is no audience demand?
    • What can be done to improve the acceptance of this medium in the film industry?

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