Glen Stone

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  • Platform Technology Center of America and Sony Electronics Inc, Architecture & Standards, Hardware Engineering, Director


  • SIGGRAPH 2004

    Mr. Stone is currently directing projects related to Home Networking of Audio/Video devices. Technologies include IP Ethernet, IEEE1394, 802.11 wireless and Ultra Wideband wireless. Mr. Stone is active in various standards related to home networking. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee in the Digital Home Working Group ( and Sony¹s representative in the UPnP steering committee. Within the Consumer Electronics Association ( he chairs the Wireless AV Networking subcommittee. 

    Previously, Mr. Stone¹s engineering group developed 1394 chips for Sony¹s popular VAIO portable PC line as well as AV hard disk drives. Mr. Stone¹s architecture group released Sony Electronics¹ first contribution to open source Linux. The software release, named TrueTime, is designed for embedded Linux systems requiring guaranteed A/V processing capability using low cost general purpose hardware and software. 

    Prior to joining Sony, Mr. Stone spent 10 years at Apple Computer, in the Advanced Technology Group researching VLSI architectures for processing A/V algorithms and multiprocessing. Mr. Stone is the holder of more than 20 patents, and has published numerous papers related to communications and processing technologies. 

    Mr. Stone received his M.Sc and B.Sc from the University of Calgary, AB Canada

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