“Next Generation User Interface Technology for Consumer Electronics” by Card ll, Stone and Hirsch

  • ©John Card ll, Glen Stone, and Evan Marc Hirsch



Entry Number: 04


    Next Generation User Interface Technology for Consumer Electronics




    As the power and complexity of consumer electronic devices continues to increase, the potential for a more enthralling, visually exciting and compelling user experience also increases. The purpose of this panel is to investigate the application of existing tools and techniques from various disciplines within the SIGGRAPH community to the next generation of consumer devices. 

    Given the power of the CPUs and graphics engines being designed into the next generation of devices is it possible/meaningful/useful/appropriate to exploit such technologies as: OpenGL/DirectX 

    • Game Engines 
    • Parallel processing 
    • Haptic Devices 
    • Augmented Reality 
    • Story Telling Interactivity 
    • Scientific Visualization 
    • Animation 

    As we prepare to step into a new world of human interaction with electronics devices in our daily lives, we must find new ways to create an effective and enjoyable user experience. It is our belief that the SIGGRAPH community is uniquely positioned to influence the interaction between consumers and their home environments. 


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