Garry Paxinos

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  • US Digital Television and Inc., Senior Vice President and Chief Technologist


  • SIGGRAPG 2004

    Garry Paxinos is a Senior Vice President and Chief Technologist at U.S. Digital Television with responsibility for the design and development of all devices and services used in a customer’s home. 

    Mr. Paxinos previously was Vice President and Engineering Manager for Metro Link Inc., where he led the engineering team responsible for the design, vision and implementation of MediaWorks—convergence software for the digital television market. MediaWorks and other select Metro Link technology assets were recently acquired by USDTV. 

    Prior to Metro Link, Mr. Paxinos’ experience includes the architectural design and implementation of plant-wide Supervisory Control and Data Aquistion (SCADA) systems based on UNIX, OS-9, and the X Window System. These systems are currently in place at various industrial sites, super tankers, and nuclear power stations around the world. 

    Mr. Paxinos also has extensive hardware-design experience in the industrial field and in medical imaging applications. His designs include a wide variety of data-acquisition boards, broad-band acoustic pulse generation, imaging frame stores, scan converters, high gain/bandwidth rf amplifiers, full duplex pulsed doppler blood flow measurement and analysis subsystems, and various microprocessor-based control systems. 

    Mr. Paxinos is actively involved on several international standards committees and conference program committees that help define DTV standards throughout the world. He is the chair of CEA R7.4 and is a member of the Board of Directors of Linux International. He recently served as the ACM SIGGRAPH Executive Committee as Treasurer. 

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