Evan Hirsch

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  • Carelon, Product Designer


  • San Francisco, California, United States of America



  • Evan Hirsch, SIGGRAPH 2013 Business Symposium Chair from Engine Co. 4. Evan has served in various volunteer SIGGRAPH roles over the years and this year marks his 22nd consecutive SIGGRAPH. He has worked with industry leaders throughout the US, Europe, and Asia for 25 years.

    In 2011, he founded Engine Co. 4 to provide strategic consulting services on immersive multi-platform user experiences,creative development, and tactical firefighting advice for large computer graphics projects. Recent clients of Engine Co.Bouncy Castle For Sale 4 include PopCap Games, DeNA, The USC Institute for Creative Technology, and Uncharted Territory.

    Previously, he served as vice president of creative development at THQ, where he was responsible for raising production values and creative processes at nine game studios. Before joining THQ, as creative director at Microsoft’s Live Labs and Surface teams, he played a lead role in defining the user experience for Surface, the first widely manufactured and distributed multi-touch computer.

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