Allen Bierbaum

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  • Iowa State University, Research Assistant


  • SIGGRAPH 1998

    Mr. Allen Bierbaum is presently working towards his MS in Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. He is a Research Assistant at the Iowa Center for Emerging Manufacturing Technology (ICEMT), where he is part of the team working on VR Juggler, a new development system  for virtual reality (VR) applications. 

    Mr. Bierbaum’s research interests are centered in the field of VR with emphasis on software engineering and distributed computing. Additionally, he is also performing work on high-performance computing, artificial life, and computer graphics. He has been at ICEMT for over 4 years working on a variety of projects in these areas.

    Mr. Bierbaum received a BS in Computer Science from Iowa State University with honors in May of 1997. His senior research project involved the development of a parallel real time radiosity algorithm to be used in VR applications, which was demonstrated at the Silicon Graphics Inc. booth at the conference Supercomputing ’96. Mr. Bierbaum did an internship in the Advanced Graphics Division at Silicon Graphics Inc where he worked with the Iris Performer team. Before entering Iowa State University, Mr. Bierbaum worked for 3 years developing database and multimedia applications for a medical software company.   


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