“Volume Visualization Algorithms And Architectures” Chaired by Marc Levoy

  • ©Marc Levoy, Patrick (Pat) Hanrahan, Karl-Heinz Hoehne, Arie E. Kaufman, and William (Bill) E. Lorensen



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    Volume Visualization Algorithms And Architectures

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    The last three years have seen a revolution in techniques for visualizing 3D sampled data. This course provides a technical overview and comparison of these new techniques, emphasizing algorithms and architectures, not applications. Algorithms to be presented include marching cubes, dividing cubes, gray-level gradient shading, and volume rendering. Architectures presented include CUBE, the Pixar Image Computer, GE’s dividing cubes, and the University of North Carolina’s Pixel-Planes-based systems. The course includes a panel discussion focusing on unsolved technical issues in volume visualization.

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