“The Design and Application of Object-Oriented 3D Graphics and Visualization Systems” by Schroeder, Citriniti, Favre, Lorensen and Martin

  • ©William (Will) J. Schroeder, Tom Citriniti, Jean Favre, William (Bill) E. Lorensen, and Kenneth (Ken) Martin



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    The Design and Application of Object-Oriented 3D Graphics and Visualization Systems

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    Basic understanding of computer graphics principles, methods for object-oriented design and
    implementation, and visualization algorithms such as color mapping and contouring.

    Who Should Attend
    Users, developers, and researchers of 3D graphics and visualization systems; or practitioners desiring to employ graphics and visualization in their own applications. 

    In this course we will discuss fundamental issues regarding the design and implementation of 3D object-oriented graphics and visualization systems. We will describe current systems such as Open Inventor, AVS/Express, and the Visualization Toolkit. These will be used to illustrate important design issues such as graphics portability, interpreted versus compiled languages,  multiple versus single inheritance, data flow models, and user interaction methods. In addition, we describe in detail the implementation of a C++ graphics/visualization toolkit, the  source code to which is included on the course notes CD-ROM.

    3D graphics and object-oriented systems have emerged as premier technologies to create flexible, extensible, and intuitive software applications. This course shows you how to design your  own applications to take advantage of object-oriented techniques and methods in 3D graphics and visualization.  







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