“The Demo Scene” Moderated by Vincent Scheib

  • ©Theo Engell-Nielsen, Eric Haines, Saku Lehtinen, Vincent Scheib, and Philip Taylor



Entry Number: 06


    The Demo Scene




    For 20 years, an underground movement has produced short real-time animations running on PCs. This group, the “demoscene,” primarily consists of students who pursue their technical and artistic interests beyond the classroom, to create inspiring works of real-time art. These productions encompass a broad range of computer graphics techniques such as procedural geometry, real-time ray-tracing, and realtime shading. Game developers have been utilizing this talent pool yet it has little visibility in the SIGGRAPH community. This panel explores the demoscene, technical tricks used in demos, and how scene educational and creative aspects can contribute to the SIGGRAPH community. 

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