“Production Volume Rendering 1” by Wrenninge and Zafar

  • ©Magnus Wrenninge and Nafees Bin Zafar



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    Production Volume Rendering 1

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    Some background in computer graphics and undergraduate linear algebra. 

    Who Should Attend
    Artists looking for a deeper understanding of the technology, developers interested in creating volumetrics systems, and researchers who want to understand how volume rendering is used in the VFX industry.   

    Computer-generated volumetric elements such as clouds, fire, and whitewater are becoming commonplace in movie production. The goal of this course is to familiarize attendees with the technology behind these effects. The presenters have experience with and have authored proprietary volumetrics tools. 

    The course begins with an introduction to generating and rendering volumes, then presents a production-usable volumetrics toolkit, focusing on the feature set and why those features are desirable. Special emphasis is focused on the approaches taken in tackling efficient data structures, shading approaches, multi-threading/parallelization, holdouts, and motion blurring.    

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