“Pretty Pictures Aren’t So Pretty Anymore: A Call For Better Theoretical Foundations” Moderated by Rae A. Earnshaw

  • ©Jack E. Bresenham, David P. Dobkin, A. Robin Forrest, and Leonidas (Leo) J. Guibas



Entry Number: 12


    Pretty Pictures Aren't So Pretty Anymore: A Call For Better Theoretical Foundations



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    Analysis and exposition of the theoretical bases for computer graphics and CAD are becoming increasingly important. Software systems and display hardware are now so sophisticated that the deficiencies in the underlying models of displayed images can be more clearly seen. Consistency, accuracy, robustness and reliability are some key issues upon which the debate now focuses. Vendors and pragmatists feel satisfied if the results are “correct” most of the time. Theoreticians are horrified at the lack of rigor and formalism in many of the ad hoc approaches adopted by current work. This panel challenges the assumption that the pragmatic approach is adequate.

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