“Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, and Rendering” by Bruderlin, Hadap, Kim, Neumann, Yu, et al. …

  • ©Armin Bruderlin, Sunil Hadap, Tae-Yong Kim, Ulrich Neumann, Yizhou Yu, and Steve Worley


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    Photorealistic Hair Modeling, Animation, and Rendering

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    Familiarity with the fundamentals of computer graphics, numerical linear algebra, differential equations, numerical methods, rigid-body dynamics, collision detection and response, physics-based illumination models, and fluid-dynamics is strongly recommended, but not necessary.

    Overview of the hair-research field, multi-resolution editing and fluid streamlines for hairstyling, hair stiffness dynamics as rigid multibody serial chains, collision detection via OBB trees and adaptively sampled distance fields, techniques for hair-hair interaction using fluid dynamics or sparse-guide hairs, advanced hair illumination models, volumetric shadows, and hair rendering using (programmable) graphics hardware.

    The full range of hair simulation problems and practical solutions, both novel research ideas and time-tested industrial practices. This course examines hairstyling, hair-hair interactions, and hair rendering using graphics hardware.

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