“High Dynamic-Range Imaging & Image-Based Lighting” by Ward, Reinhard and Debevec

  • ©Gregory J. Ward and Erik Reinhard



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    High Dynamic-Range Imaging & Image-Based Lighting



    None. This course is intended for students, researchers, and industrial developers in digital photography, computer graphics rendering, real-time photoreal graphics, game design and visual effects production (esp. rendering and compositing).  

    This class outlines recent advances in high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) – from capture to image-based lighting to display. In a hands-on approach, we show how HDR images and video can be captured, the file formats available to store them, and the algorithms required to prepare them for display on low dynamic range displays. The trade-offs at each step are assessed allowing attendees to make informed choices about data capture techniques, file formats and tone reproduction operators. In addition, the latest developments in image-based lighting will be presented.  

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