“High Dynamic-Range Imaging for Artists” by Witte, Bloch, Koch, Andersson and Davis

  • ©Kirt Witte, Christian Bloch, Hilmar Koch, Hakan 'Zap' Andersson, and Gary M. Davis



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    High Dynamic-Range Imaging for Artists

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    Participants should be familiar with basic techniques in digital photography and/or with basic computer graphics modeling and rendering. Basic compositing would also be helpful, but not required. Familiarity with specific image-editing and 3D modeling and rendering packages would be helpful. Prior knowledge of HDRI techniques and terms would be beneficial, but not required. 

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    Who Should Attend
    This course is intended for 3D artists, photographers, compositors, students, educators, and anyone interested in visual effects, rendering, and video game design.  

    This course is intended to aid in the practical application of high dynamic range imaging techniques. This course will cover a brief overview of HDRI, pre-production techniques, production techniques, and post-production techniques. Finally, examples of how HDRI has been used in the motion picture and broadcast industries will also be shown.  

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