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  • SIGGRAPH 2008

    Christian Bloch is an acclaimed Visual Effects Artist who works for Eden FX in Hollywood, California. His work can be seen in StarTrek:Enterprise, Smallville, Invasion, Lost, 24, and a growing number of movies and commercials. He has been a pioneer in the practical application of HDRI in post-production, specifically under the budgetary and time restraints of TV production. A native of Germany, Bloch earned a degree in multimedia technology. Years of research and development went into his diploma thesis about HDRI, which was honored with the achievement award of the University of Applied Sciences Leipzig. Since his thesis was published online in July 2004, it has been downloaded more than 15,000 times, and it has been established as the primary source of information on HDRI in Germany. “The HDRI HandBook” is the successor to Bloch‘s diploma thesis, rewritten completely from the ground up in English and heavily expanded and updated. The German and French versions of the “The HDRI Handbook” are currently in production. To find out more, please visit:  

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