“Global Illumination in Architecture and Theater” by Ashdown, Feldman, Shakespeare and Ward

  • ©Ian Ashdown, Stuart Feldman, Robert A. Shakespeare, and Greg J. Ward



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    Global Illumination in Architecture and Theater

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    Global illumination techniques such as Monte Carlo ray tracing and radiosity enable us to accurately model lighting designs and create physically realistic renderings for architectural, theater and stage, and entertainment applications. This course reviews these techniques, with an emphasis on useful solutions, available software and hardware tools, and real-world case studies. This course will:

    a) Provide a brief overview and history of global illumination techniques, with an emphasis on their application to physically realistic image synthesis and lighting design;

    b) Present case studies on the application of global illumination techniques to lighting design for theater and stage, with an emphasis on their value in designing lighting layouts and evaluating set designs during the planning stages of a production;

    c) Examine some of the advanced tools available to lighting designers and architects that can reduce uncertainty in lighting design and provide clients with predictive visualizations; and

    d) Provide an in-depth look at how global illumination techniques are being used to create physically accurate and visually realistic images and videos for architectural and entertainment applications.



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