“An interactive character animation system for dementia care” by Wiratanaya, Lyons and Abe

  • ©Andreas Wiratanaya, Michael Lyons, and Shinji Abe

  • ©Andreas Wiratanaya, Michael Lyons, and Shinji Abe




    An interactive character animation system for dementia care



    Those who have suffered mild brain damage due to senescence or cerebrovascular illnesses may look ordinary at first sight, however, it can be difficult for them to lead a normal social life. Often, the requirement for constant care and attention creates a burden for their family members. The resulting increase in stress may have a negative effect on the patient’s well-being. One approach to reducing  this stress is to entertain the patient with audio-visual media which capture and hold the attention over a period of time which at the same time provides some relief for the caregiver. The simulation of entertaining, animated characters is an active field of research in computer graphics, however, few have considered the possible therapeutic applications of these techniques. In this paper, we present a framework for the interaction between a human and a virtual character targeted at the special requirements in the treatment of dementia patients.  



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