“A Virtual 3D Photocopy System” by Uehara and Mizuno

  • ©Yuto Uehara and Shinji Mizuno

  • ©Yuto Uehara and Shinji Mizuno

  • ©Yuto Uehara and Shinji Mizuno



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    A Virtual 3D Photocopy System



    We propose a novel system to scan 3D physical objects and show them as a stereoscopic 3DCG image (Figure 1). Putting physical objects on the screen and removing them, the system scans the objects immediately and generates stereoscopic 3DCG with motion parallax. The user can observe the 3DCG objects from any places in all directions, and feels as if the removed objects remain as they were. In our system, it is also possible to scan moving objects. The system synthesizes a stereoscopic animation of the objects and the user can observe the moving 3DCG objects with motion parallax. It is possible to interact with the 3DCG objects. When bringing a hand near to the 3DCG objects, the system computes the position of the hand and performs contact decision with the 3DCG objects. When it is judged to contact with them, the system deforms 3DCG objects and makes sounds. The user could feel touching the 3DCG objects with a hand. Our system would have some advantages that it is possible to treat large objects and see 3DCG objects from any places in all directions compared with “MirageTable” [Benko et al., 2012].


    1. Benko, H., Jota, R., Wilson, A. D., 2012, MirageTable: Freehand Interaction on a Projected Augmented Reality Tabletop, CHI 2012, pp. 199–208.

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©Yuto Uehara and Shinji Mizuno


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