“A Human Eye Retinal Cone Synthesizer”

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    A Human Eye Retinal Cone Synthesizer



    An important component of a new model of the human eye accurate to the photon level [Deering 2005] is an algorithm to “grow” syn- thetic retinal cone mosaics. The algorithm must individually model the position, size, shape, and orientation of each of the five million photoreceptor cones in the retina. While not intended to be an exact biological simulation of retinal growth, the algorithm is motivated by what is known about that process and its constraints, and the synthesized mosaics must closely mimic nature’s results. Figure 1 shows a 1.3° of visual angle strip of our results.


    Deering, M. 2005. A Photon Accurate Model of the Human Eye. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2005).

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