SIGGRAPH 2022: Retrospective

Retrospective Chair:


    The Retrospective program returns for SIGGRAPH 2022, bringing together the many voices that have enabled computer graphics to improve our lives and the world around us.

    While many important computer graphics advances have been chronicled in textbooks and archives, there are still many noteworthy yet untold stories and influential unheard voices. Join us as we go behind the images with a wide range of people and their equally wide range of journeys to learn about critical moments, foundational events, and advancements that are impacting all of us today.

    Five panels constitute the Retrospective program. Join us for a lively discussion with pioneers, practitioners taking ideas in new directions, and innovative voices forcing us to rethink our assumptions. Panel topics include foundational events in computer graphics, how computer graphics impacts our lives and the world around us, how interfaces to computer graphics have evolved, and the groundbreakers and the unheard voices that have expanded computer graphics and user interfaces.

    Everyone who attends the Retrospective program will be inspired by our panelists’ many different career journeys, leading them to say, “Yes, I too have a role in advancing computer graphics to improve our world.”

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