“The evolution of the user experience: Computer Graphics & interactivity.” by Stone, Foley, Kiyokawa and Klinker

  • ©Maureen C. Stone, James (Jim) D. Foley, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, and Gudrun Klinker




    The evolution of the user experience: Computer Graphics & interactivity.




    In this retrospective panel, we dive into the evolution and the place of user experience in computer graphics, a fascinating area that is the foundation of how humans and the digital interact. We bring together distinguished panelists, all SIGGRAPH veterans, to talk about their stories in growing the interactive graphics experience across several decades and across the world. They include pioneers in interactive computer graphics from North America, Europe and Asia who discuss their diverse perspectives and practice in research, academia and industry. They discuss their paths and their insights in the evolution of the user experience in computer graphics through their careers, and how the SIGGRAPH research focus shifted away from the user and needs to come back. Thus, we present this panel as both inspiration and provocation for young SIGGRAPH researchers to bring a human-centered perspective into their work in crafting the future.

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