SIGGRAPH 2012: Panels

General Submissions Chair:


    Panels are moderated discussions on important topics, with expert panelists chosen by the organizers to provide a wide range of perspectives. Panels have long been an important part of the annual SIGGRAPH conference because they provide a forum for the community to share experiences, opinions, insights, speculation, disagreement, controversy, and audience interaction with the leading experts in computer graphics and interactive techniques.

General Submissions jury:

    Mike Bailey
    Nafees Bin Zafar
    Samuel Black
    Tamy Boubekeur
    Juan Buhler
    Goldie Chaudhuri
    Gerry Derksen
    Anastasio Garcia-Rodriguez
    Pascal Gautron
    Mashhuda Glencross
    Carlos Gonzalez-Ochoa
    Yoshiharu Gotanda
    Darin Grant
    Ron Henderson
    Naty Hoffman
    Caleb Howard
    Victoria Interrante
    Theodore Kim
    Robert Kooima
    Jeff Lait
    Johnny Lee
    Esther Lim
    Riccard Linde
    Kurt Luther
    Daniel Maskit
    Olivier Maury
    Ann McNamara
    Kenny Mitchell
    Ken Museth
    James Patten
    Ryan Schmidt
    Peter Segal
    Jason RM Smith
    Makai Smith
    Preston Smith
    Courtney Starrett
    Paul Strauss
    Eric Tabellion
    Richard Wainess
    Gordon Wetzstein
    Christopher Williams
    Chris Wyman
    Corrinne Yu

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