“Virtual Production Branches Out” by Aitken, Cravens, Roberts and Madden

  • ©Matt Aitken, Dave Cravens, Gary Roberts, and Matt Madden



Entry Number: 02


    Virtual Production Branches Out




    Virtual production is changing how directors, actors, and stories interact. The ability to capture the subtleties of actors’ performance digitally and move digital-environment data among pre-production, production, and post is opening up new worlds, new kinds of characters, and new ways of telling stories. 

    After gaining wide public visibility on “Avatar”, virtual production is sweeping through the feature film world – and beyond. Because blending live and CGI elements is not only possible, but now practical, virtual production has been embraced to improve the standard of previsualization, to augment motion capture in games creation to enhance overall quality, and to enable film directors to see more of what their world will look like while they’re in production. In short, virtual production has branched out.

    A panel of leading virtual-production practitioners discusses and debates: 

    • Advances and considerations in motion capture 
    • Relative benefits of separate vs. in-scene facial capture 
    • SimulCam – its evolution and where it is heading 
    • The client/filmmaker experience

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