“The Battle for Motion-Controlled Gaming and Beyond” by Jerald, Marks, LaViola, Hirsch, Murphy, et al. …

  • ©Jason Jerald, Richard Marks, Joseph J. LaViola, Evan Marc Hirsch, Brian Murphy, Keith Steury, and Amir Rubin



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    The Battle for Motion-Controlled Gaming and Beyond



    Although motion tracking has existed in research labs and some niche markets for decades, only recently has it gained mainstream acceptance in the living room in the form of the Nintendo Wii, the Playstation Move, Microsoft’s Kinect, and the Sixense Razer Hydra. These devices and their corresponding software have pushed human-computer interaction to new levels in gaming. Is this just another passing fad that will move back to the laboratory or is it here to stay? Will motion control move beyond gaming to control a wide range of digital media? Or is it only appropriate for a small subset of technologies? This panel of motion-tracked game pioneers will debate the tradeoffs of different tracking technologies, discuss important aspects of the end-user experience, predict the future of motion-controlled gaming, and discuss how this technology will affect other industries. 

    The panelists represent a broad range of expertise, ranging from art to business to engineering, and they have led the efforts to bring this new form of motion control to the masses. 

    Topics include: 

    • What technologies are the most appropriate for what types of games? 
    • How the specific technologies affect user experience 
    • The role, if any, for hardcore gaming • Buttons versus no buttons 
    • How media and marketing have affected the perception of motion tracking 
    • The future of gaming 
    • The role of motion control in industries beyond gaming

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