“WonderSpace: Interactive 3D Animation Browser” by Naka and Mochizuki

  • ©Toshiya Naka and Yoshiyuki Mochizuki

  • ©Toshiya Naka and Yoshiyuki Mochizuki


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    WonderSpace: Interactive 3D Animation Browser

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    Matsushita Electric Industrial Co.


    WonderSpace is a browser for visualizing a virtual world in cyberspace, where lifelike creatures act according to VRML 2.0 and a specification for skeleton animation. Through human-like avatars, WonderSpace realizes voice or sound communication in multi-user cyberspace. Technical features include compression/decompression of shape data and motion data, modified motions generated from a base motion, motion connecting, and synchronizing motion with sound.

    At SIGGRAPH 97, WonderSpace technology provides three interactive experiences:
    1. DayDream is the virtual-life world for voice chats via human-like avatars.

    2. Wonder KARAOKE is a virtual KARAOKE world with dancing avatars.

    3. Wonder ShrineOmikuji is a virtual Japanese shrine with interactive avatars that seek to attain “Omikuji,” a Japanese technique for predicting the future.

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©Toshiya Naka and Yoshiyuki Mochizuki


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