“Virtual Explorer” by Fisher

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  • ©Scott S. Fisher



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    Virtual Explorer

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    Electric Garden



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    University of California, San Diego


    The Virtual Explorer project seeks to create highly interactive virtual environments for stimulating, immersive science learning experiences that are not possible with textbook-based approaches. The current system provides a realistic and content-rich environment for teaching basic immunology.

    Students navigate through the bloodstream, the lymph system, and infected tissue of a patient, performing the assigned tasks and functions of the immune system from various first-person points of view, and enhancing their integrated understanding of its complex processes.

    The virtual environment simulates the viewscreen of a nanobot that has been injected into a human body. It includes detailed, biologically accurate models of cells and proteins of the immune system and bloodstream, which are rendered in real-time during the simulation.

    Eventually, the Virtual Explorer project will be extended to include additional fields of science education.

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