“Tea Time” by Kushner, Huang, Pikula and Dietz

  • ©Sarah Kushner, Bingjian Huang, Bogdan Pikula, and Paul H. Dietz



    Tea Time

Program Title:

    From Computer Graphics' Past to the Future


    Tea Time is an interactive exhibit that displays historical SIGGRAPH content on a monitor and is controlled via natural gestures with a teapot. The content is organized by year and contains a selection of images for each year. Tipping the teapot allows a user to selectively scroll through the images from a particular year at a controlled rate. To change years, the user performs a gentle swirling gesture to scroll from one year to the next.

    Inside the teapot, there is a microcontroller with an accelerometer. A USB cable provides both a path for power and data, as well as serving as a security cable to prevent removal. Accelerometer data is streamed to a single board computer that interprets the gestures and displays the content on the monitor.

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