“SnapChat AR T-Shirt Lens” by Billinghurst, Syamil and Nunoo

  • ©Mark Nathan Billinghurst, Raiffa Syamil, and Samantha Nunoo



    SnapChat AR T-Shirt Lens

Program Title:

    From Computer Graphics' Past to the Future


    The SnapChat AR T-Shirt lens is a mobile Augmented Reality application that allows people to hold their phone up and see virtual t-shirts superimposed over the bodies of their friends on the camera view. Using SnapChat, people can chose the SIGGRAPH T-Shirt lens and then pick from a variety of historic t-shirts, hats and pins from the last 50 years of SIGGRAPH. When they point their phone at another person, they will then see the virtual clothing and accessories superimposed over their bodies. In this way they can recreate the look from previous SIGGRAPH conferences.

    Special Thanks to:
    Bonnie Mitchell, Elaheh Afroozan, Rachel Krieger, Bryanna Liptak, Erin Main, Hannah Mesenburg, Drew Stiles, Noah Taylor, Lizzy Varis, Stephanie Vento, Seth Dementer

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