“Tavola: Holographic User Experience” by Fei, Kryze and Melle

  • ©Yue Fei, David Kryze, and Andrea Melle


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    Tavola: Holographic User Experience



    We demonstrate a new platform for holographic interactive 3D experience. New user experience includes holographic 3D visual and audio experience, natural free-space 3D interaction, and augmenting the interface of smaller devices (e.g. smartphones). The head tracking component is compact and non-intrusive to 3D glasses’ appearance. Depth sensor based 3D hand and object tracking enables in-the-air dual hand 3D interactions. Hand tracking system and holographic visualization system are calibrated so user can directly interact with the virtual objects. And we created a set of easy and natural free hand interactions so hat the system can have wide range of applications and usable by the general public.


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©Yue Fei, David Kryze, and Andrea Melle ©Yue Fei, David Kryze, and Andrea Melle ©Yue Fei, David Kryze, and Andrea Melle ©Yue Fei, David Kryze, and Andrea Melle


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