“Optical Tone – dynamic color composition” by Mutoh

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    Optical Tone - dynamic color composition



    To explore and to know the real world we live, how we perceive it is to be the basic start point. The principle should be true in the world of color in visual expression, here in terms of our perception and recognition of dynamic characteristics of the light. The impressionist Claude Monet often painted the same motif under several natural conditions, and fixed the dynamic effect of light on the renowned 33 canvasses of “Cathedrale de Rouen”. The artist explored in essence how human being perceives change of natural scene in time and its color dynamism beyond simple problems of expression. But few people know that painting and coloring under the sky for the impressionists’ exploration of natural light has made partly possible by the advanced technology at that time of pressing zinc metal to manufacture paint tubes. The advance of technology should be unvaryingly one of the motivation for re-examine the color in expression and communication on products or media in natural or artificial light environment.

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