“Exhale: (Breath Between Bodies)” by Schiphorst

  • ©Thecla Schiphorst


Entry Number: 05


    Exhale: (Breath Between Bodies)


Project Affiliation:

    Simon Fraser University


    exhale is a whisper[s] research group project based on designing and fabricating “a-wearable” body networks for public spaces. The rhythm of networked group breath is used as an interface for interaction, and a mechanism for sharing our bodies’ affective non-verbal data. We use the networked breath of the participants within the system to actuate the responses of small fans, vibrators and speakers that are embedded in the lining of sensually evocative skirts worn close to the body. The research integrates gestural interaction with fashion, developing new communication metaphors for wearable technologies network design.


    the whisper[s] research group: Susan Kozel, Sang Mah, Gretchen Elsner, Robb Lovell, Diana Burgoyne, Norm Jaffe, Jan Erkku, Calvin Chow, Camille Baker, Lars Wilke, Adam Marston; Industry Contributors: Thought Technology, Tactex Inc, Credo- Interactive; Sponsors: Heritage Canada, Canada Council for the Arts, B.C. Arts Council, Savage Media, CFI, I-Lab at SFU


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