“Celebration of Latin America Presence in SIGGRAPH” by Gizatulina, Casique, Peixoto, Calderon, Umetsu, et al. …

  • ©Asiya Gizatulina, Gabriel Casique, Aruquia Peixoto, Julian Calderon, Cassiana Umetsu, and Sandro Di Segni


Entry Number: 10


    Celebration of Latin America Presence in SIGGRAPH


    Join us for a special session celebrating the vibrant impact of Latin America on SIGGRAPH and the broader world of computer graphics. We’ll explore the significant milestones, innovative contributions, and inspiring stories from this diverse community, acknowledging their indelible imprint on the industry. From past accomplishments to future prospects, this session is an exciting journey through the Latin American narrative in SIGGRAPH. It’s a testament to creativity, resilience, and the powerful potential of diverse representation in shaping the future of the field. Come celebrate, learn, and be inspired by the rich Latin American legacy in SIGGRAPH

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