“Women in CG” by Kimura, Kim, Wu, Nimura and Li

  • ©Shoko Kimura, June Kim, Michelle Wu, Riria Nimura, and Jiabao Li


Entry Number: 07


    Women in CG


    KIMURAAs the world around us evolves, so does the landscape of computer graphics. Change is not always easy, but it brings opportunities for growth, innovation, and new perspectives. How have these shifting dynamics affected us, and how can we harness them to foster an inclusive and vibrant future in the CG industry? Looking forward, we’ll explore the necessary skills, mindsets, and strategies that can empower women to excel in the industry. This session serves not only as a forum to share experiences and insights but also as a platform to build connections and strengthen our community. Join us as we envision the future of Women in CG, fostering a space where every voice is heard, every story is shared, and every woman is empowered to make her mark. Together, we can shape the future of the industry.

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