“Cell Motility”

  • ©Peter Heywood, Paul Kahn, Karen Smith Catlin, and Ronnie Peters



    Cell Motility

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    The Cell Motility hypermedia collection was created using IRIS Intermedia, a hypermedia system developed by the Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship at Brown University. The Cell Motility collection, developed by Prof. Peter Heywood of the Biology Department at Brown, has been used by undergraduates studying Plant Cell Biology. This collection includes essays written both by Prof. Heywood and by his more advanced students; timelines detailing important scientific discoveries; concept maps which provide students with an understanding of how the collection is linked together; scanned photographs of electron microscope images; class notes; bibliographic information that directs students to important resources; animations which the students can play at different speeds to understand particular movements of cells; and links to a videodisk which display video sequences and clips. With this collection, students can simultaneously examine, for instance, an essay describing the function of cilia, animations of cilia movement, and motion video sequences of cilia. All of this information is linked together to help students explore the material and better understand how the material is related.

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