“AnyLight: An Integral Illumination Device” by Takeuchi, Suwa and Nagamine

  • ©Yuichiro Takeuchi, Shunichi Suwa, and Kunihiko Nagamine

  • ©Yuichiro Takeuchi, Shunichi Suwa, and Kunihiko Nagamine

  • ©Yuichiro Takeuchi, Shunichi Suwa, and Kunihiko Nagamine


Entry Number: 01


    AnyLight: An Integral Illumination Device



    We introduce AnyLight, a novel programmable lighting device that can mimic the illumination effects of a broad range of light sources —both real and imagined—using the principle of integral imaging. The flat, panel-shaped device functions in essence as a type of light field display, relying on custom, 3D printed optics to precisely control light rays emanating from each point on its surface, simulating the existence of arbitrary light sources concealed within the device, e.g., spotlight, candle, skylight, etc. A room illuminated with Any- Light would allow occupants to manipulate ambient lighting with a degree of freedom unreachable using existing programmable lighting setups, where typically color is the only adjustable parameter.


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