“ants under a mushroom” by Alexander

  • ©Amy Alexander

  • ©Amy Alexander


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    ants under a mushroom

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    Electric Garden



    In perceiving an event, we alter that event to suit our own purposes. In making an image of an event, we apply this alteration of the real to the image-making process. Thus, in perceiving an image of a non-fictional event, we generate a perception that is twice removed from the actual event. How much of the meaning perceived in a non-fiction image is derived from the subject matter, and how much is derived from formal visual elements? Where does the real become abstract?

    ants under a mushroom, an interactive collage in which the participant “paints” with moving and still images, addresses these issues by examining the relationship between the formal elements of a non-fiction image and its content, and in the process examines the notion that an image can be real (non-fictional, representational) or non-real (abstract).

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