“The Multi-Cultural Recycler” by Alexander

  • ©Amy Alexander

  • ©Amy Alexander


Entry Number: 11


    The Multi-Cultural Recycler

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    Electric Garden




    There has been a recent proliferation of video cameras on the World Wide Web. Ordinary people and places are instantly subject to becoming part of the mass culture and are also potentially subject to cultural recycling. The Multi-Cultural Recycler puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on this phenomenon.

    When a visitor accesses the Multi-Cultural Recycler, the Recycler selects two or three camera websites at random and captures the live or latest image from their cameras. The Recycler then performs digital image processing on these images to “recycle” them into a new image. Since the actual process used is also selected at random, each access to the Recycler site produces a unique image.

    Visitors can also look in “The Recycling Bin” to see the source images that comprise their recycled image and link to the images’ original websites to learn their original context.


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