“Studio Project: E-Cannons and Other Robot Weapons” by Besmer and Derksen

  • ©Andrew Besmer and Gerry Derksen

  • ©Andrew Besmer and Gerry Derksen



    Studio Project: E-Cannons and Other Robot Weapons



    In this workshop participants will learn the basics of microcontrollers, sensors and servo-motors to build their own canon. The canon operates similar to a tennis ball machine that shoots 3/4 inch nylon balls for the SIGGRAPH Feuding Cities game. Learn how to build, program and control the canon to shoot and hit targets. Using these techniques participants can experiment with their own design of the ball hopper to feed the canon more ammunition or develop different weapons. The level of this course is introductory and would be of interest to novice and expert programmers, people interested in robotics, game players to developers and anyone who may be curious about electronics. Some programming knowledge is useful as well as a basic understanding of electronics. All electronics and accompanying material will be provided and may be used by the participants of the course. If a participant would like to keep their project they may purchase a kit at a special conference price. These materials must however, be returned if they not purchased.


    We would like to thank the many students who participated in an interest based semester long event exploring this idea.


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