SIGGRAPH 2022: Emerging Technologies


    SIGGRAPH both showcases, and contributes to, the evolution of technology. As part of the Experience Hall, Emerging Technologies features access to the next generation of the most innovative tech that will shape our future.

    “Emerging Technologies has always been the SIGGRAPH venue that explores and demonstrates the ‘interactive techniques’ portion of the ACM SIGGRAPH tagline ‘Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques.’ This year, we have a focus on both significant technical advancements, as well as really interesting application scenarios. One theme we were thrilled to see emerge was accessibility, whether it’s technology that enables physical access to a space, overcoming geographical limitations, or systems that allow ease of use for creators to design with advanced tools and processes. The world and the opportunities in it are getting easier to share and participate in due to these creative and technological advancements.”

    Mk Haley
    SIGGRAPH 2022 Emerging Technologies Chair

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