“ImageFlowing-Enhance Emotional Expression by Reproducing the Vital Signs of the Photographer” by Mu, Chernyshov, Weng, Hynds, Zheng, et al. …

  • ©Qianqian Mu, George Chernyshov, Ziyue Weng, Danny Hynds, Dingding Zheng, Kouta Minamizawa, Dunya Chen, Atsuro Ueki, Masa Inakage, and Kai Kunze


Entry Number: 05


    ImageFlowing-Enhance Emotional Expression by Reproducing the Vital Signs of the Photographer



    ImageFlowing is a ‘living’ photograph that reproduces the biometric signs of the photographer. Viewers can feel how the photographer felt through photographer’s breathing, heartbeats and skin temperature. We extend a two-dimensional picture into a multi-modal experience, aiming at creating a tighter emotional link between the viewer and the photographer.


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