“Imagination Environment: Using the web as a source of popular culture” by Shamma and Hammond

  • ©David A. Shamma and Kristian J. Hammond


Entry Number: 08


    Imagination Environment: Using the web as a source of popular culture




    In this installation, we explore a new role for the computer in art as a reflector of popular culture. Moving away from the moreso static audio-visual installations of other artistic endeavors and from the traditional role of the machine as a computational tool, we fuse art and the Internet to expose cultural connections people draw implicitly but rarely consider directly. The online world is a reflection of these links, this connectivity, and the shared culture that built them.

    The Imagination Environment reflects these links back to us; from the virtual world into the real. Using any video stream as its starting point, it discovers images linked to the words being said, and shows us the _ow of connections between ideas and images that we ourselves crafted. Exploiting the connectivity of the Web and the core technologies of information retrieval, it opens a window to our world that is a machine’s .imagination. of who and what we are.

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    SHAMMA, D. A., OWSLEY, S., HAMMOND, K. J., BRADSHAW, S., AND BUDZIK, J. 2004. Network Arts: Exposing cultural reality. In Proceedings of WWW Conference, ACM,WorldWide Web.


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