SIGGRAPH 2019: Studio


    You’ll find a unique place to flourish in the Studio. Learn something new in workshops, contribute to our community project, or make something special to take home. Consider how you want to participate. Start with the very basics and learn a new skill, or jump in at an advanced level and polish off a project you’ve been working toward. Come to the Studio to participate and watch as each piece of the puzzle contributes to this memorable experience!


Studio Chair:



    Additional Contributors
    Joseph Bonifacio, Stephanie Eisenberg, Kristen Freeman, Vinod Krishnan, Simon Lee, Kate Sammons, Joshua Schank, and Joanne Wong

    Special Thanks
    The Studio Subcommittee, ACM SIGGRAPH, Gwendolyn Ramirez, Pete Braccio, Gene Cooper, and Santa Cruz Bicycles


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