“Creative Brainstorming in After Effects” by Weber

  • ©Candice Weber

  • ©Candice Weber

  • ©Candice Weber



    Creative Brainstorming in After Effects



    Creating a motion design workshop designed for casual After Effects users who are looking to expand their mindset as well as skillset. Something I’ve noticed as a long time After Effects user is that although AE is a commonly available and often an entry point for students into animation; many people do not utilize as a medium for artistic expression. It’s often used only as a tool to piece together elements for a predetermined project. Simply put, because most often AE is only used for very basic functions; many creative people miss out on the opportunity it offers for experimentation. Artistic exploration is standard practice when creating work in the fine arts. However, coming from the background of a college-educated digital artist; it’s been my experience that there is not as much emphasis on play as there is on skill learning. Digital artists tend to be pushed more towards a commercial focus earlier in their careers and many miss out on this time to play.


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