stanza: genomixer

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Artist Statement:

    My work involves making sonic and visual mappings based on data that use generative emergent code to make visualisations and art­ works.Iaminterestedintheideaofthebodyascodeandarchitec­ ture, and the emergent systems of code that exist in DNA. I create comparative emergent systems to make a works. For example, a series of online artworks inspired by the human genome sequence and developed from a DNA profile sequenced from my blood.

    These online artworks are investigations into genetic codes mapped and re-assembled online. The series enables a cross reference for all the code on the genome sequence, allowing you to intermix or breed your own variable. You can look at the new mix of chromosomes in real time, online. You can also keep and print this pattern from the web site. The sounds and images of code make audio/visual versions of a self portrait.

    My work takes these ideas into a completely new online experience. It seems likely with the advent of self-DNA tests that people will ana­ lyze their own DNA frequently. These data can be recorded into the genomixer database and saved. That is, users will have their own personal online audio/visual experience based on their unique genetic code, and because they have the option to save it, they can also see and listen to other users’ results. In other words this is a giant open­ source audio/visual labyrinth and database. The system uses a gen­ erative audio system that can play interactive non-linear audio over the net. The sounds are mapped to the genetic codes. genomixer is a complete audio/visual online generative system. Code representing code generated by code made from blood.

Technical Information:

    The genomixer series:
    • Uses movement, sound, text, and image.
    • Crosses borders between artistic and technological sectors.
    • Involves co-authored or inter-authored creative processes from other specialists.
    • Can be used in a number of formats: web, gallery, and CD-ROM.
    • Pieces for the web can be based on telematics.
    • Allows engagement of the audience as creative users.

    genomixer (three versions online) is an interactive online installation that allows you to cross reference all the patterns on the genome sequence and intermix or breed your own variable and view the new mix of chromosomes in real time online. Input whatever gene you want and scramble the results. The genomixer uses stanza DNA made by Imperial College London. Move the mouse about, click on squares, drag the shapes. Click down on highlighted shapes. It is an online internet audio/visual generative installation that requires Shockwave. It is also a real-space installation. Recently, genomixer was exhibited at the Site Gallery Colchester and in Cambridge as part of Respond.

    mutator (three versions online) is a generative audio system that plays interactive non-linear audio over the net. The sounds are mapped to the genetic codes. This is a complete audio/visual online generative system. Our DNA is a long line of code, a very long line, represented by the letters A, C. G, and T, the set of bases. This code gives us massive clues to who we are and how we work. The sounds are based on stanza DNA structures, and the images are based on stanza DNA profiles. The result is three new generative online musical systems that evolve through sequences of DNA.

    junker is a series of generative experiments in replication. They divide and sub-divide as they mix down the DNA sequence. The code just keeps adding to itself forever down a DNA sequence. The idea is to track anomalies, special features, and unusual variations inside the code. Scientists spend their time analysing specific areas of the billions of letters of DNA code in their search for complex patterns that occur deep inside.

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